About us

itSuitsFashion is a beautiful fashion (wholesale) management solution of TCOG. This Microsoft-partner, based in IJsselstein (Utrecht), The Netherlands, is specialized in the design, implementation and support of integrated business solutions for the fashion industry (wholesale, private label and retail).

Facts & figures about TCOG:

  • 3 locations
  • 60 employees
  • 25 partners worldwide
  • Experienced and certified professionals
  • Total supplier for the fashion industry. From ERP, BI and retail to e-commerce. From one database.

At TCOG, we are constantly working to further develop and optimize itSuitsFashion. For example, we recently introduced a new itSuitsFashion add-on: Boxed logistics. It improves the efficiency in the logistic processes by defining carton contents as early as possible and moving boxes from that moment on, instead of individual items. Being flexible in product development, we are able to rapidly create new functionality.

We work together with several complementary partners to provide a complete fashion solution (top of page). We offer solutions for:

Please feel free to contact us for more information about TCOG, our fashion wholesale solution itSuitsFashion and our services.