itSuitsFashion for your fashion brand and wholesale

The right ERP software is essential for optimal management of your organization and efficient collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers. And to make good, well founded decisions quickly and make the most of your people and assets.

Efficiency in companies in apparel, footwear, sporting goods and accessories, depends on a smooth flow of information. In real life this is often impeded. The obstacles commonly faced include the fact that there are many departments using systems that aren’t connected, leading to data duplication and sometimes multiple versions of the “truth.” itSuitsFashion eliminates those obstacles by connecting information, processes and people.

Every employee fulfills a role that is different, with different tasks, responsibilities and different information needs. itSuitsFashion provides every employee with exactly the right information needed for his or her specific job, supporting every employee optimally in his or her role. With this the personal efficiency and productivity increases, enabling each and every employee to contribute to the whole optimally. This makes itSuitsFashion a strong and important strategic tool to realize your business goals.


itSuitsFashion for sales professionals

The sales team must have the most accurate company data available to them, including up-to-the-minute product information, pricing, stock levels and information about clients. The success of the sales department depends largely on immediate access to this essential information. itSuitsFashion gives your sales team a strategic…


itSuitsFashion for purchasing professionals

To meet the need of your customers, it is essential that you have tight control of purchase orders and that you maintain an optimal inventory. The many variables in the purchasing processes in the fashion industry make the tasks of purchasing professional complex. With itSuitsFashion, you have the tools you need to control and…


itSuitsFashion for customer service professionals

The success of a business relies on the business and the income it generates. Having and maintaining satisfied customers is essential to this. Good customer service depends largely on the ability to help resolve issues at first customer contact. The customer service employee representing your company therefor needs to…


itSuitsFashion for financial management professionals

Capable financial management is key to any company’s business success. By constantly monitoring your business’s performance, the finance department can compare this to your financial targets and keep other business units up-to-date on their performance. In the fast moving world of fashion, accuracy, timeliness, and…


itSuitsFashion for warehouse professionals

The people at the warehouse can highly contribute to increasing profit by handling goods on time and providing the best service possible to your customers. The handling of incoming goods, as well as the delivery process need to be as efficient as possible. To achieve this…


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