New Fashion Kids

New Fashion Kids optimizes business processes

New Fashion Kids is the organization behind the successful children’s brands Cakewalk Jottum and Pointer. With 22 employees and 15 agents this organization is responsible for the design, production management and global distribution of the semi-annual collections of these three great brands, through highly efficient performance of their processes, which are optimized by itSuitsFashion ERP.

Arjan van Rijn, Logistics Planner at New Fashion Kids “With itSuitsFashion ERP, we ensure that all employees get to see relevant to them information from our database so that they can perform their best work. We saw immediate progress: throughout the supply chain, we now see clearly where we are, we continuously have a very good overview of our processes. Our customer service is now much smoother because all the relevant information about our customers to show up in a single window.”

Easy to use

“In addition, we have also clearly gone ahead with canceling and replacing orders. It is a possibility that we previously did not have and it now really saves us a lot of manual work. itSuitsFashion ERP is just very easy to use, even new employees can quickly learn. There are enormous opportunities in filtering, so it is easy to extract any data you want from the system. Moreover, any desired data can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis.”

No separate retail solution needed for V&D cooperation

“We’re going to sell our Cakewalk and Pointer collections through the branches of V&D, one of the bigger warehouses. For this we use the consignment module in itSuitsFashion ERP. All branches of V&D are created in the system as a customer, so we can administer and further process all sales through them. Now there is absolutely no need to buy a retail solution, which of course also saves a lot of costs”, Arjan van Rijn concludes.

About New Fashion Kids

New Fashion Kids is the organization behind the successful children’s apparel brands Cakewalk, Jottum, and Pointer. Each brand brings two collections per year to market and has its own design department and production sourcing headquarters in The Netherlands. The production takes place in Asia and southern and eastern Europe. 22 employees and 15 agents ensure the success of these three beautiful collections that are sold in more than 750 points in Europe, Russia and the United States. From the summer 2015 collection on, New Fashion Kids will re-launch brand Barbara Farber.