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All relevant information in one dashboard

The Shirtmakers is a private label company which has experienced a big growth. It was a huge challenge to keep the growing orderflow clear and manageable in an ERP system for regular fashion companies, while dealing with the specific company processes of a private label company.

When The Shirtmakers’ growth had somewhat stabilized, the management took their time to have a close look at the company processes to see where profits could be made with regard to IT. They wanted an IT partner that has short and clear communication lines and a pragmatic and practical project approach. In short: The Shirtmakers went looking for an ERP solution for private label companies and a supplier that suits them.

Baseline: software and supplier not suitable

The Shirtmakers was already working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with a fashion add on. This fashion add on however missed a good link between the purchase and sales order, while this is of major importance in the Private Label industry. Besides that, The Shirtmakers were not satisfied with the service and communication of their IT partner. In addition the costs for re-implementation and new licences were high.

The choice: wisdom by experience

Liselotte Mak, Finance Manager at The Shirtmakers: “Business processes in the fashion private label industry differ from the processes of fashion brands and wholesalers. All business is based on the style or contract with the customers of the private label company. Based on this style or contract, the sales- and purchase order are made, the production is done and the delivery to the customer takes place.”

“When we started the selection process, we made sure to only select an ERP system which could handle our specific processes. In addition we made sure that the project approach of the supplier would appeal to us, to prevent unnecessarily long implementations. Besides that the license and implementation costs had to be reasonable.”

“itSuitsFashion Private Label turned out to be the best solution. This ERP solution is specifically designed for companies like ours. The solutions still had to be fine-tuned in practice and we directly took the opportunity to give extra input from an users point of view. I can honestly say that we have come to a solution which is perfectly matching private label companies. We have experienced this cooperation as extremely positive. We have jointly developed a standard solution which covers the processes of private label companies perfectly. Companies like ours can now work with this standard ERP solution, which makes it simple and cheaper to go along with each upgrade.”

“In addition, the investment level of implementation and licensing is very reasonable, so our costs now and in the future remain reasonable. Moreover, the project approach is pragmatic and practical, which suits us very well.”

Benefits directly visible

Liselotte Mak: “Our new ERP solution contains a dashboard which keeps all documents and entities which are linked to the contract together. This makes that working with many contracts -which is typical for our industry- is better manageable and a lot more clear.”

“The connection between purchasing and selling orders works great and our reporting options have significantly improved. All information is easily accessible through one dashboard. Determining sales, profit etc. per customer or collection is a lot easier now. Besides that, no unnecessary delays occur in the process anymore, because we have information faster on orders and possible bottlenecks.”

“Our users sometimes have to get used to the new system a bit. They have to convert from a regular fashion ERP system to an ERP solution which is specifically designed for our business, meaning that all handlings start from the contract with the customer. But everyone notices that the communication flows a lot better, because we are all working with the exact same data. And secondly, more records are entered in the solution so that the necessary information is accessible for the entire company. In particular capturing information on transports is extremely useful!”

“We also greatly benefit from working with Product Data Management (PDM). The management of our article data is central to this, so we keep tight control over our purchase orders.”

Future plans

In the near future we are going to look further into the possibility of realizing interfaces with our biggest customers, so the orders they enter are automatically entered into our system. That way we reduce the manual entering of records, the orders are in our system quicker we greatly reduce the chance of errors.

About The Shirtmakers

The Shirtmakers BV from The Netherlands is a private label organization which is specialized in the production of shirts, blouses, polo’s, knits and trousers for many well-known brands and retailers. The company is a successful, dynamic and rapidly growing organization with a lot of young employees.