What’s new in the latest itSuitsFashion 365 release on Dynamics 365 Business Central?

ISF 365

itSuitsfashion 365 is the fashion solution that allows you to manage a large number of seasonal product variants, have all the information you need at a glance and gives you real-time information into your fullfulment processes.

Everything in the fashion industry revolves around margins and a short time-to-market. A smooth flow of information therefore contributes directly to efficiency. As an example, the latest release of itSuitsFashion 365 on Business Central was recently released on AppSource, Microsoft’s marketplace for Business Apps.

ItSuitsFashion 365 has 4 major releases per year. In this latest release, the following new or improved functions & features have been added, among others:

1. Creating Warehouse Receipts – Receipt Worksheet

It is now also possible to create warehouse receipts directly from a receipt proposal. A warehouse receipt is part of the extensive WMS system (level 6) of Business Central.

2. Transport Management

The expansion of Transport Management makes it possible to combine purchase orders and link them to a transport. This makes it possible to get direct insight into the location of the transport via predefined transport statuses, but you can also record all relevant transport details (such as ETD, ETA, import and export ports and transport methods).

3. Consignment

The latest release now also supports extensive consignment functionality. This makes it possible to place items on consignment, but also to replenish this consignment stock using various replenishment strategies. Furthermore, functionality is added to easily invoice sold consignment stock through an Excel import and consignment stock can be automatically taken back to the central warehouse with a few mouse clicks.

4. Extended Prepack functionality

With this extension it is possible to treat different combinations of colors and sizes of a specific model as one article. This makes it easy to trade complete size ranges or color combinations administratively and logistically.
It is also possible to pack and unpack these combinations, creating flexibility in the way these goods can be sold, combined as prepacks or as single items.

5. Item Status Management

In the latest release, the model item or variant statuses have been reintroduced. Following statuses are possible:

  • Block delivery proposal
  • Block shipment
  • Block receipt proposal
  • Block receipt
  • Block sales order entry
  • Block sales return order entry
  • Block purchase order entry
  • Block purchase return order entry
  • Block barcode creation

Want to know more about TCOG?

Want to know more about this new release? Feel free to contact us at info@itsuitsfashion.com or request a free demo! You can also view the release notes directly on Appsource by clicking here.