Apps4Fashion for mobile sales

Add professionalism to your business, increase efficiency and reduce errors in your sales processes and greatly save on costs. Apps4Fashion is the all-in-one tool on iPad and iPhone for brand owners, wholesalers, agents and retailers in apparel, footwear, sporting goods and accessories that gives you a head start to your competitors.

Apps4Fashion is a modern day solution which can be used as a catalogue, lookbook, brochure, sample replacement, stock information supplier and sales order tool. It’s digital, so always up to date. And yet your styles are at your customers fingertips, because they are experienced by the greatly valued and polished user experience of the iPad and iPhone.

The benefits of Apps4fashion:

Full catalogue: With Apps4Fashion you always have your complete catalogue with you. You can view detailed images, filter and search items, view stock levels and customer prices and find matching items for upsell.
Lookbook: Let your customers be inspired by combinations and give them the opportunity to directly shop the look.
Save on samples: With the high resolution collection images you can show your products in detail without having them with you.
Save on printing: With Apps4Fashion you can display your catalogue, lookbook, brochure and flyer in no time. Quick, easy, always up to date and saving on printing costs.
Fully integrated with back office: Apps4Fashion sends orders directly into itSuitsFashion ERP, so you always have up to date stock information.
Sell from stock: Because of the integration with itSuitsFashion ERP, stock levels are available anywhere. When a product is not available anymore, agents and customers worldwide know this instantly and alternatives can be offered.

By using the apps, brand owners and wholesalers can speed up their sales processes and make them much more efficient at the same time. This saves both the brand owner/wholesaler as the retailers enormous amounts of work, realizing a huge cost reduction in the ordering process.

What customers say

Hans Völlmer, Chief Operations Officer at Brunotti: “It works fantastically! Apps4Fashion is a beautiful, modern and practical tool that is an exact fit for our brand-experience. We see great advantage in the pre-sale area because it gives us real-time information on pre-sale items that will be carried worldwide.” Download this case »

Roy Spinhoven, Sales Manager at PureWhite: “Apps4Fashion contributes greatly to our brand image. It is just very professional to sell your collection like this.” Download this case »

Winnie Iversen, Sales and Exports Manager at Second Female: “The orders that we write in Apps4Fashion are directly processed in our ERP system, so we no longer have to first write orders on paper and then having to enter them in the system manually. This saves us a lot of time and is much more efficient.” Download this case »

Kim Andersen, Sales Manager at Katvig: “Katvig is all about sustainability and Apps4Fashion is a great match with that philosophy.” Download this case »


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