Benefits of itSuitsFashion

In the fashion industry it’s all about margins and a short time to market: the collection has to be available to customers as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. And efficiency in fashion depends on a smooth flow of information, which makes a good management solution essential to companies in the fashion industry.

Turn data into business value

Understanding your business data is an import part of running a successful business. itSuitsFashion enables you simply to turn your data into value for your company. It visualizes your processes, gives you quick insight in your performance and helps you and your colleagues prioritize work.



Agility and insight

Many companies in the fashion industry reach a tipping point where the very tools that supported their business growth begin to hinder their ability to act with agility and insight. itSuitsFashion is a fashion management solution which connects your people, processes and systems, all from one place.

More productivity

itSuitsFashion is so much more than an ERP system. This fashion management solution is made to support the processes in fashion companies and works seamlessly with many familiar Microsoft tool and products, so you and your people use the programs you already know to bring data to life.



Better teamwork

Business success is dependent on people working together with all kinds of different information. People that work with itSuitsFashion have all relevant information at their fingertips and can collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

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