Sana (e)Commerce integration

In association with Sana, Total Concept Group offers fully integrated e-commerce solutions for NAV that help manufacturers, wholesalers en retailers grow online.

Starting an online business is not just a matter of setting up a webshop. It must be considered as a business critical new activity: an additional revenue source which delivers new opportunities. The good thing is that automation of the new online processes has already been done during the setup of your ERP. So why not take that as a starting point for your webshop?

Leverage your NAV investment

When implementing an integrated webshop within your ERP, you actually leverage and re-use your ERP investment. An integrated webshop simply cannot calculate its orders by itself nor does it keep stock or product information. An integrated webshop integrally uses NAV to do all that.

Your business benefits are countless, since everything you already arranged to have your company automated, is now available through you online sales channel as well. Online orders do not need to be synchronized because they are instantly available in your administration. Your administration is the place where they are processed from the first second an online customer puts something is his basket.

The advantages for your business? Next to boosting your ERP’s ROI, an integrated webshop can be live quickly. In online 7 days the Sana Commerce integration can be put in production. No ongoing an costly implementation project, just de import and merge of the Sana objects within your ERP.


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