Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Gemini?
Gemini is our support system used to provide our customers optimal support. Each question, task, bug or issue is stored centrally and ensure it is redirected to the correct person immediately.

Q: I forgot my credentials to log on to Gemini. What should I do?
Send us an email to reset your credentials.

Q: What is Microsoft CustomerSource?
CustomerSource is a password-protected site for customers using Microsoft Dynamics and related business products, provided as a benefit of a service plan. Use it to search the knowledgebase, download updates, view online training and find other information resources virtually 24 hours a day.

Q: I forgot my credentials to log on to  Microsoft CustomerSource. What should I do?
Send us an email to redeem your credentials to Microsoft CustomerSource.

Q: What is a service plan (enhancementplan)?
Your Microsoft Dynamics/itSuitsFashion solution puts you at the top of your game and your service plan keeps you there. It’s what you need to stay compliant, stay competitive, and get the greatest value from your solution over time. Your plan, along with the services that we as a Microsoft Dynamics partner provides, will give you the winning combination for success! Get top value from your solution, protect your investment, and keep employees informed. Features include:

  • New version rights
  • E-learning
  • Industry-leading support
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Self-help tools and community forums
  • Technical Account Manager
  • 24×7

Q: How long can I legally use itSuitsFashion software after I have licensed it? Is the term of my software license affected by the Support Lifecycle policy?
A: The Support Lifecycle policy has no effect on how long you can use a product. The Support Lifecycle policy outlines how long Microsoft will provide technical support and security updates for products.
We encourage all customers to remain current to ensure that they stay supported and can take advantage of innovations found in the latest products. Staying current also minimizes security risks, compliance risks, and frequently lowers the total cost of ownership.

Q: What is a component of a Microsoft product?
A: A component is defined as a set of files or features that is included with a Microsoft Major Product. Components may be shipped with the product, included in a product service pack or update, or released at a later date as a web download to the product.

Q: How do I know which product or platform a component is associated with?
A: This information is generally specified in the Component’s end-user license agreement (EULA).

Q: What is a program add-on?
A: A program add-on is a utility or feature that aids in accomplishing a task or set of tasks.

Q: What is a tool?
A: A tool is a utility or feature that aids in accomplishing a task or set of tasks.

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