itSuitsFashion 365

In the fashion industry it’s all about margins and a short time to market. Efficiency in fashion depends on a smooth flow of information. Are you able to manage your substantial amount of seasonal item variants? Do you have all the information you need at a glance? And does your system give you real-time inside information on fulfillment?

Managing the seasonal item creation with colors, sizes, cups or length sizes, by using the style master file, reduces time on the time-consuming task of item management. The matrix makes document entry faster and viewing posted documents clearer. itSuitsFashion eliminates multiple versions of the “truth” by connecting information, processes and people.

Collections need to be available as quickly and cost effectively as possibly to customers. The need of a solution which manages in a fast way the creation of items, prices and inventory is important. Managing your seasonal collection to avoid you are missing deadlines in the product development phase. Being able to have carry over and NOOS items in your seasonal collection and managing their dropout items, makes entering your seasonal orders clearer.

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Use itSuitsFashion for:

  • Easy item creation by using the style master to create items with colors, sizes and cups or length sizes.
  • Seasonal collection management to overlook the setup of the collection;
  • Speed up order entry by using the matrix with multiple dimensions (colors, sizes and cups or length sizes).
  • Viewing the inventory in a matrix and have an overview on inventory on multiple stock units at a glance.

Viewing posted documents in the matrix to have a clear overview of the content of the document. ItSuitsFashion enables you to turn data into business value by connecting people, processes and systems. This results into better teamwork, more productivity and grip on your business.