Our fashion references

Take a look at a few of our successful customers

“TCOG knows better than anyone how to use technology like itSuitsFashion to quickly make a company more profitable and efficient, as is the case with Craft Sportswear.”

– Adri Zwarthoff, Managing Director

“The fashion industry is capricious, so we believe very strongly in building long-term relationships.”

– Arlette Huisman, Managing Director

“In collaboration with TCOG, warehouse processes were streamlined to minimise the margin of error in deliveries and orders.”

– Sven Geukens, IT Medewerker

Each woman & girl collection of by-bar develops itself in an organic way. The inspiration of Barbara, the founder of by-bar, comes from her journeys, her habitat, what she experiences and what she sees & feels everywhere around her.

Back in 1992, the first Blackstones came on the market: boots with character, made with craftsmanship. Blackstone nowadays is more than those boots from the 90’s, but the elements of back then still remain in our DNA.

My Jewellery inspires hundreds of thousands of fashion lovers via online channels such as social media with the latest trends in jewellery, accessories and clothing. My Jewellery is a well-known name in the today’s fashion scene.

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