itSuitsFashion add-ons for your fashion business

TCOG, developer and supplier of itSuitsFashion ERP, works together with several complementary partners to provide a complete fashion solution for your business.

Create a complete fashion solution

We offer solutions (add-ons) for Design and production, Document management, Mobile sales, Management information, Retail and E-commerce. Here follows an overview of the possibilities.


Delogue: add-on for design and production

Delogue is an online PDM tool and supplier portal in one, allowing communication, processes and data to be shared. The platform handles all issues in the daily work of buyers, designers and suppliers. It focuses on the needs of creative people and the unforeseeable things that emerge in a product development process internally as well as externally. Delogue gives designers, buyers and suppliers an ultimate overview, structure, and efficient processes.
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Continia: Document management

Processing and archiving incoming mail, internal documents and invoices is a labor intensive process. A smart document management solution helps you reduce the total processing time.
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Apps4Fashion (Colect): add-on for mobile sales

Apps4Fashion is the all-in-one tool on iPad and iPhone for brand owners, wholesalers, agents and retailers in apparel, footwear, sporting goods and accessories. It can be used as a catalogue, lookbook, brochure, sample replacement, stock information and sales order tool. With Apps4Fashion, you add professionalism to your business, increase your efficiency, reduce errors in your sales processes and greatly save on costs.
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Power BI: add-on for management information

Power BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool used by companies in various industries, like the fashion industry, to optimize the information system. It displays the current status of metrics and KPIs. Standard dashboards are available on PC, tablet and smartphone. Because the data is drawn directly from the Business Central database, Power BI can be set up quickly.
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LS Central: retail add-on

LS Central is an advanced, intuitive and fully integrated retail management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The LS Retail solution provides you with full control over your business processes and realtime shared access to valuable data.
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Sana Commerce: add-on for B2B e-commerce

Sana Commerce is installed within Microsoft Dynamics. Closer to your existing business logic and data is not possible. The benefits are countless, since everything you already arranged to have is now available to your online sales channel as well. Next to boosting your ERP’s ROI, an integrated B2B shop can be live quickly.
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