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private label companies

The process in a private label business is different from regular fashion brands and wholesalers because sales- and purchase orders are being processed one on one. With itSuitsFashion Private Label, all styles and contracts can be monitored and managed within one single dashboard.

itSuitsFashion for your private label

The way a private label company works is significantly different because everything is based on the style or contract with customers. Based on this style or contract, the sales- and purchase order are made, the production is done and the delivery to the customer takes place. The dashboard keeps all documents and entities, which are linked to the contract, together and ensures that no unnecessary delays occur in the process.


itSuitsFashion for sales professional

The sales team must have the most accurate company data available, including up-to-date product information, pricing, stock levels and information about clients. The success of the sales department largely depands on immediate access to essential information.
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itSuitsFashion for purchasing professionals

To meet the need of your customers, it's essential that you have tight control of purchase orders and that you maintain an optimal inventory. The many variables in the purchasing processes in the fashion industry make the tasks of purchasing complex.
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itSuitsFashion for customer service professionals

The success of a business relies on the income it generates. Having and maintaining satisfied customers is essential to this. Good customer service largely depends on the ability to help resolve issues at first customer contact.
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itSuitsFashion for financial management professionals

Capable financial management is key to any business success. By constantly monitoring your business performance, the finance department can compare this to your financial targets and keep other business units up-to-date on their performance.
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itSuitsFashion for warehouse professionals

The people at the warehouse can highly contribute to increasing profit by handling goods on time and providing the best service possible to your customers. The handling of incoming goods, as well as the delivery process needs to be as efficient as possible.
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