Add-on: Delogue

Delogue for design and production

Delogue is an online Product Data Management tool and a supplier portal in one, allowing communication, processes and data to be shared. Designers, buyers and suppliers are aligned at all times and key-knowledge stays within the company.

Rikke Biehl, Founder and CEO at Delogue: “Years of working as professional buyer, with spread sheets and emails, made me see the need for a platform that handles all issues in the daily work of buyers, designers and suppliers. The initial driver to develop Delogue was frustration regarding lack of overview, faulty prototypes and delays. We have created an intuitive platform that focuses on the needs of creative people and on the unforeseeable things that emerge in a product development process internally as well as externally.”

The benefits of Delogue:

  • Easily manage user permissions to control what company data is shared, reviewed and updated by internal users and external partners.
  • Automatically generated reports share current status on styles and items, across all suppliers and seasons, with co-workers and business partners.
  • No initial investment is needed. Just subscribe to the number of users you want on the platform and pay by month as you go. Your suppliers enter the platform for free.
  • Delogue is an online platform, hosted on Amazon Cloud. Backups are made every hour on three servers on three continents. Hosting costs and automatic updates are included.
  • All core data is accessible in standard XML format, and can easily be exported to itSuitsFashion ERP.

Delogue is a user-friendly, web based product development platform and the perfect addition to itSuitsFashion. It gives designers, buyers and suppliers an ultimate overview, structure and efficient processes. They can focus on creativity, rather than administrating.

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