itSuitsFashion for

customer service professionals

The success of a business relies on the business itself and the income it generates. Having and maintaining satisfied customers is essential to this. Good customer service depends largely on the ability to help resolve issues at first customer contact. The customer service employee representing your company therefor needs to have the most accurate company data and customer information available.

You and your colleagues are the first point of contact for questions from your customers and the sales team. If a customer has a question, you only have to open one screen to view the customers history, orders and invoice status. The Customer Service Form gives you all the information you need to help you in the conversation with your customer. itSuitsFashion is crucial for you to do your job well and to let you help your company maintain a good relationship with customers. You know exactly what you said to the customer the last time you spoke, it’s all in the customer record. With the complete customer data conveniently on your screen, nothing falls through the cracks.

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