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purchasing professionals

To meet the need of your customers, it is essential that you have tight control of purchase orders and that you maintain an optimal inventory. The many variables in the purchasing processes in the fashion industry make the tasks of purchasing professional complex. With itSuitsFashion, you have all the tools you need to control and keep track of every step in the purchasing process, with both purchasing of ready-made goods, as well as of materials for your own production.

As a Purchasing Manager, you are responsible for the communication with suppliers and for having client orders ready on time. Thanks to the detailed bill of material, your suppliers know exactly what you want and how you want it. You can easily add product photos, size specifications and you can easily calculate the amounts of necessary materials. In itSuitsFashion you can generate purchase orders, based on sales orders. Your stock levels are being automatically monitored with outstanding sales orders and planned incoming goods, so you always have an optimal stock level. For you and your people, itSuitsFashion makes it a lot easier to maintain an overview and it enables you to timely take action.

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