itSuitsFashion Private Label for

warehouse professionals

By handling goods on time and providing the best possible customer service, the people at the warehouse can highly contribute to increasing profit. The handling of incoming goods and the delivery process need to be as efficient as possible. To achieve this, close cooperation with the Purchasing and Administration departments is essential. itSuitsFashion Private Label operates as a single source of shared data and processes for materials, production, delivery and revenues to help those departments increase the company’s success together. In the warehouse, reception and delivery of goods can be handled by barcode scanning.

You need to ensure deliveries arrive in time and that the sent goods are similar to what your customers have ordered. With the outbound warehouse planning and the credit control functionality in itSuitsFashion Private Label, you have all relevant information about customers available, while it sets priorities for the deliveries you will send out.

The handling of incoming goods is also of great importance. An incoming shipment may have items you need to complete for an outbound shipment. With the inbound warehouse planning in itSuitsFashion Private Label, you already know when and what will be delivered. If you know an incoming shipment contains articles you need for an outgoing shipment, you can immediately unpack it. Furthermore, itSuitsFashion Private Label enables you to ship multiple orders in one container or truck, so you keep this process as efficient as possible. At the end of the day, you know that as much has been shipped as possible and that the warehouse is in order.

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