What PDM system suits your company best: itSuitsFashion PDM vs Delogue

For administrating the product development of their collection, many brand owners and wholesale companies within fashion use Microsoft Excel or a PDM – Product Data Management – tool. Total Concept Group, developer and supplier of itSuitsFashion, offers two solutions as an addition to itSuitsFashion ERP. In this article we offer you more information about the differences and similarities between itSuitsFashion add-on PDM and Delogue. Read more

New Fashion Kids

New Fashion Kids optimizes business processes and warehouse operations

New Fashion Kids is the organization behind the successful children’s brands Cakewalk, Jottum and Pointer. With 22 employees and 15 agents this organization is responsible for the design, production management and global distribution of the semi-annual collections of these three great brands, through highly efficient performance of their processes, which are optimized by itSuitsFashion ERP and warehouse scan application PickIT. Read more


AlbaBaby leverages growth with fashion software

Already in its first year, children’s clothing brand AlbaBaby made it to the cover of the Spanish Vogue Kids. For anyone who was a child in the 70s, a visit to the website of AlbaBaby is pure nostalgia. The designer focusses on kids wear with expressive colors from that era. With success.

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Klerx Schoenen

Klerx Footwear is ready for the future with itSuitsFashion Solution stack

Klerx Footwear, known for its brands Develab, Red-Rag and Paul Green, will further optimize its organization using three solutions from the itSuitsFashion solution stack. With the ERP solution itSuitsFashion the organization streamlines its workflow, the sales app Apps4Fashion professionalizes the sales process and pick tool PickIT improves the efficiency in the warehouse. The three solutions are seamlessly connected and work as one complete total solution, making all data automatically available throughout the company. Read more

Indicode Jeans

Indicode Jeans supports business with itSuitsFashion ERP

Indicode Jeans, founded by Kenneth Nielsen –establisher and previously CEO at Blend of America-, are going to support their company processes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the international fashion business management solution itSuitsFashion.
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NP Fashion

NP Fashion optimizes and professionalizes business processes

NP Fashion, the in 2012 founded apparel label of Dutch TV personality Nikkie Plessen, is going to further optimize and professionalize its business processes. All company data and processes will be interconnected in Microsoft Dynamics NAV based ERP solution itSuitsFashion. Additionally, NP Fashion will deploy an extra tool to professionalize its sales processes: Apps4Fashion, the lookbook and sales tool on iPad and iPhone. Read more

MarMar Copenhagen

MarMar supports growth with itSuitsFashion solutions

The story of MarMar Copenhagen is the classic tale of the small company making it big. So big that foreign shops are actually queuing up to be able to sell the collections. Read more


DPDB streamlines processes with ERP fashion Private Label solution

Apparel Private Label company DPDB (also known as duPon & deBruin) will automate its company processes with Microsoft Dynamics based ERP solution itSuitsFashion Private Label. Read more

Bruun & Stengade

Bruun & Stengade speed up sales process

When clothing brand Bruun & Stengade was established in 2004, the strategic mission was to deliver Danish quality clothing at competitive prices internationally. Today, the products are sold in over 300 shops and international department stores in 6 countries. Read more

The Future Now

The Future Now improves efficiency and effectivity with fashion ERP software itSuitsFashion

The Future Now, supplier of leather bags and belts, will automate its business processes with fashion ERP solution itSuitsFashion. Read more